This app has been principally built for a comparison of "Slow Web" to the recently shown program (both 3 & 17 hour versions) to herald the start of the "Slow TV Genre" in Australia, featuring the Ghan Railway trip from Adelaide to Darwin.

One of the main features of our Slow Web format is the interactive panoramas provided by Google (commonly called "Streetview") at Google Maps (and Google Earth) "filmed" from a multi-camera GPS setup mounted on a car, trike, boat, railway carraige or backpack (Trekker), but the BAD news is that such an exercise has not been performed as yet for the Ghan rail journey.

The GOOD news however is that some 60,000 of these have recently been taken by Google cars travelling on the Stuart Highway so we have decided to feature these while also trying to convince those concerned to borrow a Google "cyborg" to use in front of the Ghan.

The use of Rail by Google is very rare but the smart folk in Portugal have teamed up with Google to strap a cyborg onto a flatbed carriage in front of a train and "filmed" about 1,000 km throughout the country. So we have taken the time (slowly of course) to make a Slow Web App for the Douro Line

Back in Oz it is almost 40 years since our namesake "threw another shrimp on the barbie" and since then (and the admission of failure ads of "where the Hell are you?") our best tourism promotion has been from a band of Pommies from the Oliver Boys (even told us how to cook) through to Sir Tony - and even Michael Portillo is talking about doing "Great Railways of Australia"). If we can't borrow a Google cyborg and toot-toot from Adelaide to Darwin it is simply "Bloody Un-Australian".

Once that is done and Google has regurgitated the route as a blue line beside the Stuart Highway blue line we will gladly build the Slow Web app for far less than you paid Paul for his one-liner. It will not replace this app but be a companion app, particularly as one can load their car onto the Ghan for the train trip and return by car. So this one is for free as long as we might be inclined to host it on the web (or those concerned buy it and host it themselves).

This is very similar to the apps we did for the Cotswolds in Pommyland (as a reciprocal gesture to Neil Oliver!) where we devised Cotswolds-in-the-Car while we waited for the wardens to backpack the Google cyborg over the 100 miles of the Cotswold Way, after which we built the sibling app of Cotswolds-on-the-Foot. The "Family Album of Cotswold Apps" can be seen as Holiday-in-the-Cotswolds. All these are Slow Web Apps waiting to be rebadged.

Thus the gauntlet has been formally thrown down.